Salesforce Managed Services

Maximise your investment in Salesforce platform with Codezix

As your business grows , your organisaiton back up with Salesforce needs to grow at same speed .
In earlier years , Salesforce was being handled by single admin with some basic development support , however Salesforce can grown expotentially over time .
Codezix provide Salesforce managed service in scalable manner yet on economical hourly cost . This necessarily means you need not to hire additonal full-time dedicated employees for the same.

Maximise your investment in
Salesforce platform with Codezix

What We Cover In Salesforce Managed Services?

Strategic planning

Right from setting goals to business process reviews , building salesforce is not easy task to handle .

Codezix will help you right from onboarding to long term relisation of value .

Salesforce optimization

You might have implemented Salesforce in your organisation for years , but are you fully utilising it ?

We can help you with merging of new functionality with old to give you optimised result for your business process

Ongoing enhancements

Have you implemented process in our organisaiton , then you should implement the same in Salesforce too .

We can help you with managemet of backlog , streamlining of process flow , oversee continious delivery so that your process can be more transparent to your top organisaiton and beyond

Technical experts and industry specialists

Your admin can't be master of all subjects .

Codezix specialised team of Salesforce consultant can help your admin with providing technical support as well as help your admin to thrive .

Lightning Migration

Well migration to lightning is not scary as far as you are in good hands !

You can either totally transform your business or keep it well , its all your choice . With our managed services you can actually choose how migration can impact your organization

Integration updates
and support

Why to wait for updates when you can actually avail our real time synchronization

Our team can help you with monitoring , integration , troubleshooting , API integration and more


Data - Whole Salesforce is powered by data

Our team can help you with proper documenting of integration , validaiton , MDM and storage proces and at the same time we take care of that you have the right backup policies at your place

Structure On Track

Alignment of structure as per your organisaiton IT strategy is not small task

We can help you with building technology driven solutions which will help you achieve your goals as well as measure your performance.

Quarterly business reviews

You willing be hiring us and that's the reason we hold ourself accountable for everything in our partnership

We work alongside with your team to set your goals , review KPIs , its impact on business as well as follow up with your future roadmap and planning .

Development operation

Eleminate your oberheads and increase your productivity with our Salesforce devops best practises .

Our Salesforce development team can help you with stages of crawl , walk and run which will be beneificial for all of your organisation members .

Analytics, reports and dashboards

With just single click , get details overview of your business insights .

With just one click you will gain access to custom built dashboards which will showcase you detailed metrics

Marketing Automation

Reach more customers by automating your marketing process

Get help with Pardot and Marketing Cloud services by Salesforce from Codezix's marketing automation experts

Managed Services Plans


This package is perfect for organisation who are looking for flexible and scalable approach for ongoing support and innovation with Salesforce

You will get complete access for virtual administrator who can help you with incident management , maintenance , ehnancement and optimisation along with management of release as well as giving you accessibility to scale up and down as required .


We provide you with dedicated client service manager which can help you with fulfilling of specific requeirements needs to support your organisation

We know not everyone requires dedicated team of developers for full time , hence we provide customised team who can best fit as per our need to succeed .

“Codezix managed Salesforce services has helped me as to avail benefits of Salesforce to its fullest. ”


Product Manager , VM Wuie

About Codezix ?

We focus on creating reqarding experience with Salesforce that can completely change the way you do business

We can take care of your complete digita transformation journey including your organisation process , people , consulting as well as change management . Right from planning phase to its implementing and thereafter support , our team can help you in every phase of your transformation lifecycle .

Why is Codezix different ?

We always focus on people first approach . By people we mean - our teams , our clients and our commmunities . That is the reason client love working with us and our employees enjoys working at Codezix . Moreover our engineers choose the right technology and ofcourse right people and process to deliver best results .

40+ Salesforce Clients in 6+ Years


We can always be better together . At Codezix , our team is having industry expertise in solving real time challenges at every level and that is why we have achieved good clients as well as profits in recent years .


Want to work with Codezix on your next project?

Want to work with Codezix on your next project?

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